Russian Navy tanker ship, Kama concludes long-range deployment

The Russian Navy Northern Fleet’s medium sea tanker, Kama has arrived at its homeport after completing its scheduled long-range deployment.

During the deployment, the replenishment oiler has supported the Navy’s  Udaloy-class anti-submarine warfare (ASW) destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov

On 27 November, the crew will be met in Murmansk by the Command of the NF Auxiliary Fleet, relatives and friends of seamen. The Northern Fleet Marines of an anti-terrorist shipborne group tasked during the distant cruise will also arrive in the base.

During the tanker Kama’s sailing in the Aden Gulf waters, Red Sea, Northern and Mediterranean Seas, her crew carried out several fuel and water supplies of the Vice-Admiral Kulakov on the move, in drift and during anchor stays. During the whole cruise, the seamen were provided with a reserve of fresh water, fuel and food.

Making the distant trip, the crew of the tanker Kama successfully coped with all the assigned tasks and covered more than 17 thousand nautical miles.

Russian MOD

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