Russian Navy Training Ship Perekop Arrives at Port of Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Russian Navy Baltic Fleet’s Smol’nyy-class training ship Perekop arrived at the port of Colombo for a goodwill visit on April 18, 2018.

Sri Lanka Navy welcomed the ship in accordance with naval traditions on her arrival at the harbour. The crew of ‘Perekop’ that are on a five-day official visit in Sri Lanka, is scheduled to take part in friendly sporting events, cultural events and engage in sightseeing tours organized by the Sri Lanka Navy.

Meanwhile, the Commanding Officer of the ship, Rear Admiral Vladimir A Cherokov called on Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe at the Naval Headquarters in Colombo. During the cordial meeting, they discussed several matters of bilateral importance and exchanged mementoes to signify this occasion. Russian Defence Attaché of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Colonel Dmitry Mikhaylovskiy was also present at the event.

The ship is expected to depart the Colombo harbour on 22nd of this month on completion of its tour events.

Perekop (310)

Perekop is a Smol’nyy-class training ship operated by the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet.

She was floated out in the Szczecin Shipyard in Poland on December 11, 1976 and was commissioned into the Soviet Navy fleet in 1977.

The Smolnyy or Smol’nyy (Russian Смольный) class of training ships were built for the Soviet Navy in the late 1970s. The Soviet designation was Project 887. Two ships (Smolnyy and Perekop) are operated by the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy.

The ships were designed to provide seagoing training facilities for the Soviet Navy. They are equipped with modern radio engineering and navigation equipment, and basic armament for self-defense and patrol duties.

The vessel have a length of 138 m (453 ft), a beam of 17.2 m (56 ft) and a full load displacement of 7270 tons. They are powered by two 16,000 hp (12,000 kW) diesel engines which enables them to have a maximum speed of 20 knots and a range of 9,000 nautical miles at 14 knots.

The vessels are armed with four 76 mm (3 in) guns on two twin turrets, two twin 30 mm anti-aircraft guns and a single RBU-2500 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) rocket launcher. They are equipped with Angara-M/Head Net-C 3-D air search radar and Shelon hull mounted MF sonar.

The ships had accommodation for 132 crew along with 30 instructors and 300 cadets.

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