Russia’s Eastern Military District receives over 1,000 military equipment

Russia’s Eastern Military District has received over 1,000 military platforms and armament in the year 2017, according to its Commander,  Colonel General Alexander Zhuralyov.

According to the Commander of the Eastern military district Colonel General Alexander Zhuralyov, units and formations of the district have received over 1,000 pieces of modern and advanced armament, military and special hardware.

In particular, a missile formation of the district located in the Zabaikalsky Krai has been rearmed with the Iskander-M tactical missile system.

The Pacific Fleet forces have received corvette Sovershenny, the Bastion coastal missile systems, and S-400 Triumph air-defense missile systems.

The Air Defence and Air Force units of the district has received Su-34 bombers and MiG-31BM fighters as well as Ka-52, Mi-8AMTSh, and Mi-26 helicopters.

Russian MOD

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