Russia’s Nevskoe Design Bureau Unveils UMK Varan Aircraft Carrier Concept

Nevskoe Design Bureau (PKB), part of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) has unveiled a new aircraft carrier concept, dubbed “UMK Varan”.

Universal sea ship (UMK) “Varan” is an aircraft-carrier concept, characterized by a high degree of automation and the possibility of using robotic systems. It will be able to carry 24 multipurpose aircraft, six helicopters and up to 20 unmanned aerial vehicles.

The ship’s displacement is about 45,000 tons, length of about 250 m, width of 65 m and a draft at the waterline of 9 m. The ship will be capable of speeds up to 26 knots.

Nevskoe has also unveiled a new universal landing ship (UDC) concept. The displacement of the UDC is about 30,000 tons. The length of the ship is about 220 m, the width is 42 m, the draft along the waterline is 7 m. The new UDC is capable of developing a speed of about 24 knots. There are seven helicopter landing sites on the deck of the ship.

Nevskoe PKB is one of the largest domestic developers of universal ships and the only designer of aircraft carriers and training complexes in Russia.

One thought on “Russia’s Nevskoe Design Bureau Unveils UMK Varan Aircraft Carrier Concept

  • January 19, 2021 at 3:15 PM

    “Universal sea ship”… is a good assumption for “multi role” helicopter/aircraft/UAV capable ship… since can is the role and the mission that will drive what will be the “mix” of helicopter/aircraft/UAV boarded… also considering today “container” driven “mission modules” in the limit in needed can minimize the quantities “helicopter/aircraft/UAV” and used it and a “container” mission modules acomodation or medical … and transform it even on a “disaster support”/”hospital” ship… the time of the massive Mega CVN is too much o expensive and less flexiable in terms of use.


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