Russia’s new Lider-class Destroyer to have nuclear propulsion

The Russian Navy’s new Lider-class destroyer will have nuclear propulsion, TASS News Agency has reported quoting Vice-Admiral Viktor Bursuk, Russian Navy’s Deputy Commander-in-Chief for Armament.

“The project will be developed by the Severnoye design bureau. The Russian Navy will undoubtedly have large surface ships with a nuclear propulsion unit. The Lider undoubtedly won’t be the sole one in the series,” he said at the International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2017) on Wednesday.

Lider-class destroyer or Project 23560 (Shkval-class destroyer or Project 23560E for export version) is a class of combined guided missile destroyer, large anti-submarine warship and guided missile cruiser.

The warship is meant to replace the Sovremennyy-class (Project 956 Sarych) destroyers, the main anti-surface warships of the Russian Navy, as well as the Slava-class (Project 1164 )cruisers and the Udaloy (Project 1155 )class anti-submarine destroyers. The vessel might also partially replace the Kirov-class (Project 1144 Orlan) nuclear-powered heavy battlecruisers.

But in May 2017, Russian media reports showed that the Lider-class warship had been dropped from the 2025 State Armament Program. Sources in the military shipbuilding industry claimed financing reductions caused the program to be postponed, but also led to speculation that the entire program was delayed indefinitely. Many defence analysts were also skeptical about Lider-class ever actually being built.

The Russian Navy is also planning to build an aircraft carrier to replace its sole carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov. The ship’s design is expected to be finalized in 2025 and the delivery is planned in 2030.

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