Russia’s TsNIITochMash Begins Development of New Collimator Sight

The Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITochMash) of the Russian State Corporation Rostec, within the framework of proactive development work, began to create a collimator sight that is not inferior in its characteristics to the best foreign-made samples.

“The main advantages of the collimator sight being developed by the institute’s designers are the presence of a monolithic body without additional adapters and screws, a quick-release mechanism based on an eccentric, a continuous operation time of about 30 thousand hours, the ability to use two types of power supply (AA or CR123), an original alignment mechanism; hermetically sealed hull and alignment mechanism assemblies, ”said Vadim Malinnikov, head of the small arms development department at TsNIItochmash.

The new sighting device is designed to equip the main types of small arms – submachine guns, machine guns, carbines and machine guns.

“The use of collimator equipment will expand the tactical capabilities of small arms and increase their combat effectiveness,” stressed Vadim Malinnikov.

TsNIITOCHMASH already has experience in the development of such devices. For example, the open-type KP-SR2 sight, developed at the institute within the framework of the Veresk-P ROC, is used to increase the effectiveness of shooting from an SR2 submachine gun.

Currently, special forces of various power structures of Russia use mainly foreign-made collimator sights. According to experts, the products of the American company Eotech and the Swedish company Aimpoint are now optimal in terms of price and quality from the numerous collimator sights offered on the small arms market. There are Israeli, Belarusian, Chinese sights. Of the Russian ones, the 1P-87 sight (ZAO Jupiter), developed as part of the Ratnik ROC, is in service. The need for collimator sights from the Russian security forces remains high, while it is desirable that they be included in all types of small arms.

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