Saab acquires Combat Boat 90 builder, Dockstavarvet Shipyard

Saab acquired the Swedish boat builder, N. Sundin Dockstavarvet AB and the repair shipyard Muskövarvet AB, in order to strengthen Saab’s product offering in the naval domain.

The acquisition of the companies will become effective at 29 December 2017.

Dockstavarvet, based outside Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden, is a leading producer of aluminum boats. The company was founded in 1905 and has during the three last decades been engaged in the development and production of advanced, high-speed combat and patrol boats for both military and civil applications. Dockstavarvet has delivered more than 200 units to date on three continents.

The Swedish Marines’ military assault craft, known as the Combat Boat 90, is the company’s most successful product, with around 250 to 300 units built.

Muskövarvet is a full service repair yard located at the naval base Muskö in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. Muskövarvet serves mainly the Swedish Navy amphibious forces.

“Through the acquisitions, Saab will strengthen its product portfolio within surface vessels as well as enhance its capacity for support and maintenance at the Muskö naval base. Saab’s global presence will also facilitate marketing and future exports for the Dockstavarvet products”, says Gunnar Wieslander, Senior Vice President and Head of Saabb  Kockums.

Dockstavarvet and Muskövarvet will be organised within Saab’s business area Kockums. Combined, the companies generate sales of approximately 250 MSEK and have 80 employees.


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