Saab Dockstavarvet Delivers First CB90 HSM Patrol Boat to Swedish MoD

Dockstavarvet shipyard, part of Sweden’s Saab Group, has delivered the first CB90 HSM patrol boat to the Swedish defense material administration (FMV).

Seventeen additional CB90 HSM boats will be delivered to the FMV in the coming months, according to Saab.

CB90 HSM is an upgraded variant of Dockstavarvet’s CB90 series of assault boats. It features improved speed and maneuverability, surveillance sensors, and more armament compared to its predecessors.

“The principles are the same, but with stronger engines everything becomes even more impressive. We’ve managed to surpass the speed demand by several knots”, said Andreas Nordstrand, project manager at Dockstavarvet, Saab.

“We’re looking at completely new capabilities. While the older versions are very fine boats, they are more like transportation vehicles in comparison to the new model, taking troops from one point to another. With these upgrades we have completely new operational capabilities in terms of surveillance, firepower, tactical awareness and the ability to act when needed”, said Fredrik Hyllengren, project manager at FMV.

The CB90 HSM boats will be equipped with Saab’s Trackfire Remote Weapon Station (RWS). The unique configuration of Trackfire provides a true Stabilised Independent Line Of Sight (SILOS). As the independently stabilised Sensor Module is decoupled from the weapon/s axes (and hence isolated from weapon recoil effects), the operator is able to maintain the line of sight on the target, thereby greatly reducing target acquisition times.

A wide range of small, medium and heavy Machine Guns, Automatic Grenade Launchers (AGL), lightweight medium calibre cannons, as well as Non-Lethal Effects (NLE) can all be integrated to the Trackfire RWS; many of which can be simultaneously mounted to enable a graded effects capability.

Dockstavarvet has delivered more than 250 CB90 boats worldwide.

Specs of CB90 HSM

Light18 tons
Max Displacement24,5 tons
Total length16,3 meters
Length hull14,9 meters
Beam3,8 meters
Draught0,9 meters
Speed and range 
Max speed with max load45 knots
Cruise Speed at Sea state 1 or less38 knots
Range at cruise speed300 NM
Engines2 x 900 HP, Scania Diesel V8
Water jetS32 Mix flow

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