Saab Introduces Hypersonic Detection Mode for its Sea Giraffe Naval Radars

Saab strengthens its Sea Giraffe naval radar offer by introducing the Hypersonic Detection Mode, a capability for detecting and tracking targets travelling at hypersonic speeds.

Due to the radar horizon, naval vessels face limited time to act against low flying missiles travelling at greater speeds. With the emergence of threats in the high supersonic and even hypersonic speed ranges, this threat is getting even worse. Saab is offering a solution to this emerging challenge by introducing a Hypersonic Detection Mode (HDM).

HDM will give the ship more time to act against any target due to quick track formation time. This capability builds on Saab’s next generation track while scan technology, which enables track start within a fraction of a second for any number of targets, including stealthy ones, in all conditions.

“The hypersonic threat is credible and increasing. Navies around the world are asking for a capability to retain their dominant battlespace awareness and to give them crucial time to act. We are able to meet these requirements by using our existing technology, adapting it for the hypersonic challenge”, says Anders Carp, head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

The HDM is optimised for the Sea Giraffe 4A Fixed Face, which is a fixed array configuration that belongs to Saab’s multi-functional family of S-band AESA radar systems.

Saab Sea Giraffe 4A

Saab Sea Giraffe 4A is a medium- to long-range multi-purpose active electronically scanned array (AESA) surveillance radar for naval applications.

Sea Giraffe 4A combines the battle-proven designs from the (Sea) Giraffe Agile Multi Beam (AMB) and Arthur product families with an all-new radar sensor, based on AESA technology.

This S-band AESA radar can be used for automatic air and surface surveillance and tracking, classification of both hovering and moving helicopters, target indication to weapon systems for both anti-air and anti-surface engagements, 360˚ mortar/rocket alert and weapon location, and target designation for long-range surface-to-air missiles (LR-SAM).

The Sea Giraffe 4A scans the search volume up to 70 degrees with 60 rpm and provides an unparalleled 3D target update rate, along with high altitude coverage and monopulse accuracy. The radar simultaneously detects small fast-moving targets at all altitudes and in severe clutter. The surface channel gives a high probability of detecting very small targets in close proximity to the surface, for example rib boats and periscopes.

The Sea Giraffe 4A provides extensive Electronic Counter-Counter Measure (ECCM) to meet the complex ECM environment.

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