Saab Launches New Multispectral Barracuda Arctic Camouflage Net

Saab announced the new multispectral Barracuda Arctic Camouflage Net that makes you blend in to any snowy operational theatre. It is designed to avoid detection from sensors, ranging from those using ultraviolet to wideband radar.

The Arctic environment is extreme and very special compared to other environments due to the climatic conditions whilst snow can have a wide variety of characteristics. Barracuda Arctic Camouflage Net is a two-sided camouflage net that enables quick and flexible operation to meet changes in the surrounding environment. One side is purely white and the other side is both white and shades of green/grey. This makes it possible to operate in amongst different colours of snow, at both high and low altitude environments.

“In the new threat scenarios we can see in the near future, everything is contested and complex whilst sensors operating outside the visual spectrum have proliferated. Opponents can challenge us in all domains and across the full electromagnetic spectrum. When information becomes a weapon, the one who wins the battle of signatures is at a distinct advantage. With the new Barracuda Arctic net you can be flexible,” says Görgen Johansson head of Saab Dynamics.

Barracuda’s advanced camouflage technology products have already been exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Saab offers a unique package of tailor-made camouflage systems and force protection solutions that decrease the enemy’s ability to detect and engage. These solutions protect personnel, vehicles and base infrastructure against hostile sensors and enemy target acquisition.

Barracuda camouflage solutions offer multispectral protection. Everything from ultra-violet, visual, near infrared, short wave infrared to thermal sensors and radar. Built-in thermal radiation protection reduces the operating temperature inside vehicles and increases crew comfort, firing accuracy, and fuel efficiency.

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