Saab Seaeye Receives Dutch Order for Sea Wasp Underwater Vehicle System

Saab Seaeye has received an order from the Dutch Defence Material Organisation (DMO) for deliveries of the Sea Wasp underwater vehicle system, the company announced.

The Sea Wasp systems to be delivered will be used by the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). With the order, Netherlands became the first European customer of the Sea Wasp system.

With a base weight of only 75 kg, Sea Wasp is a small and flexible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) which can be used for a wide range of underwater operations, both within the commercial and military sectors. Sea Wasp can, for example, be used for sea mine detection and other reconnaissance operations.

“We are delighted to deliver our Sea Wasp vehicle to the first European customer, a giant milestone for the product. It is also the first order we have received directly from DMO, which has strengthened the relationship with the customer and may facilitate future contracts and orders,” says Kate Palmér, Program Manager at Saab Seaeye.

The order also covers some development, including the integration of the customer-specified Blueview sonar in the vehicle and HMI.

Saab Seaeye Sea Wasp

Saab Seaeye Sea Wasp (Waterborne Anti-IED Security Platform) is an ROV platform which relocates, identifies and neutralizes underwater improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Saab Seaeye Sea Wasp remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

The Sea Wasp is piloted from the surface using a control console located onboard the support vessel, or from a control vehicle ashore, by means of a fibre optic tether from which it also takes its power.

Designed with mobility in mind, the Sea Wasp is a two-man portable system that includes a vehicle, generator, pilot station hand winch and power supply unit. The highly adaptable system can be deployed from the harbourside or from small surface craft and is transportable over land even in a Light Support Vehicle.

The traditional system carries a high-tech sensor suite that includes wideband sonar, LED lights and video cameras for effective operation and identification capabilities in areas with limited visibility; however additional sensors can be fitted due to its flexibility.

The Sea Wasp’s onboard Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) and Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) deliver navigational capability, allowing it to record and transmit specific waypoints. The vehicle itself incorporates Saab Seaeye’s unique iCON intelligent control system, and is modelled on Saab’s Double Eagle family of MCM vehicles, to give six degrees of freedom for ultimate manoeuvrability.

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