Saab Signs Contract for Sea Giraffe AMB Multi-Role Naval Radar with an Undisclosed Customer

Saab has signed a contract with an undisclosed customer for delivery of the Sea Giraffe AMB multi-role naval radar and associated equipment including spare parts.

The work for the initial phase of the contract will be carried out during the period of 2018-2019. The contract also includes options for more than 10 additional Sea Giraffe AMB.

“This order is further proof of the Sea Giraffe family’s strong market position. Our radar’s proven reliability in combination with state-of-the-art technology and compact design is unique on the market”, says Anders Carp, head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

Saab said in a statement that the industry’s nature is such that due to circumstances concerning the product and customer, further information about the customer will not be announced.

Saab has sold Sea Giraffe in various configurations to customers around the world, including Sweden, Poland and the US, where it is currently part of four separate U.S. Navy programmes.

Sea Giraffe AMB is a multi-role medium-range 3D surveillance radar system for naval applications. It is the naval variant of the ground-based Giraffe AMB radar with 3D AMB (Agile Multi Beam) technology.

The radar provides medium range, simultaneous air and surface surveillance and also has weapon designation capability. It is suitable for demanding naval environments from the littorals to blue-water operations.

Sea Giraffe AMB can can detect air and surface targets from the horizon up to a height of 20,000 metres (66,000 ft) at elevations up to 70°, and can simultaneously handle multiple threats approaching from different directions and altitudes, including diving anti-ship missiles. Also, it is specialized for rapidly detecting small, fast moving targets at all altitudes and small surface targets in severe clutter.

The Sea Giraffe AMB is optimized for, and is in service on, vessels such as the Swedish Navy Visby Class corvettes and the U.S. Navy’s Independence class Littoral Combat Ships (LCS).

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