Saab Signs Contract with Vard Group AS to Deliver Communication System for Norwegian Coast Guard’s Project P6615 Vessels

Saab has signed a contract with Vard Group AS to take on the communication integrator role for the Norwegian Coast Guard’s Project P6615 Jan Mayen class patrol vessels.

Saab will provide the Norwegian Coast Guard’s three newly ordered vessels with Saab’s complete Integrated Communication System, TactiCall, consisting of both internal and external communication. The delivery will start in 2021. The order was booked in Q4 2018.

“The third generation of TactiCall is able to meet the customer’s tough requirements. It combines and matches both human and tactical conditions and is easy to operate,” says Ellen Molin, Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Support and Services.

TactiCall is based on voice over IP technology and interconnects all communication technologies regardless of radio band, frequency and hardware.

Vard Group is building the Jan Mayen class vessels with the first delivery planned for 2022.

P6615 Jan Mayen class patrol vessels

The Norwegian Government had originally announced plans for the construction of three new coast guard vessels in September 2016. Following review of offers from three competing yards, Vard Langsten was selected to continue negotiations in October 2017. VARD has based its offer on the reference design developed by LMG Marin on behalf of NDMA. The investments were approved by the Norwegian Parliament in the beginning of June 2018, and the final negotiations have been completed and finalized in the following weeks.

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The purpose of the new series of vessels is to replace the Nordkapp-class coast guard vessels. The new tailor-made vessels are developed for worldwide operations in all weather and sea conditions, both inshore and offshore.

Specially designed to withstand operations in demanding arctic areas, the new coast guard vessels will have ice-strengthened hull and ice-class notation, and will be built according to the latest requirements for such specialized vessels. With a length of 136 meters and a beam of 22 meters, the vessels feature strong ocean-going capacities for long-distance transits, search-and-rescue operations, surveillance, and oil recovery.

Deliveries of the three vessels are scheduled from Vard Langsten in Norway in 1Q 2022, 1Q 2023 and 1Q 2024 respectively. The hulls will be built at Vard Tulcea in Romania.

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