Safran Unveils New Version of JIM Compact Multifunction IR Binoculars Featuring “Long Range Sniper” (TELD) Function

Safran Electronics & Defense unveiled the new version of its latest-generation JIM Compact multifunction infrared binoculars featuring “Long Range Sniper” (TELD) function embedded in, during the SOFINS exhibition.

This new function was developed in partnership with the French Commandment of Special Operations (COS).

The innovative TELD feature enhances the operational capability of the sniper. TELD significantly increases the probability of first round hit on moving targets, as well as reducing collateral damage. TELD also limits the cognitive load of the user by performing parts of calculations and allows to engage a moving target very quickly.

Weighting less than two kilos including the battery, the latest generation JIM Compact stands out by its compactness, robustness, autonomy and intuitive ergonomics designed for day and night contact operations. This SWaP+ -Size, Weight and Power with more functions- system is equipped with wireless communication capabilities such as WiFi and Bluetooth. This multi-function binocular portable optronic equipment combines a high-resolution cooled infrared channel, a TV channel, an integrated “see-spot” capability, a laser pointer, a laser range finder, a low-level light channel (LLL), a digital magnetic compass as well as an integrated GPS receiver. JIM Compact is in service in more than 9 NATO forces.

One COS officer declares: “The latest JIM Compact and its TELD function have been evaluated operationally over the past year. The results obtained are excellent with an equipment appropriation in less than 10 minutes by the personnel in sniper training for outstanding mobile target shots. The JIM Compact suits perfectly the needs of Special Forces and missions of the armed forces”.

Integrated into the battle space digitization, JIM Compact is a critical element of military operations and real-time tactical information. This new feature marks a further step in Safran Electronics & Defense’s JIM Compact handheld multifunction thermal imager evolution strategy.


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