Saudi Tornado Aircraft ‘Crashes’ in Yemen’s Al-Jawf Province, Coalition Says

A Panavia Tornado combat aircraft of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) has crashed in al-Jawf Province in northern Yemen, the Saudi-led coalition confirmed.

Additional details such as the fate of the crew and the cause of the crash were not released.

Yesterday, Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed shooting down an RSAF Tornado aircraft with a surface-to-air missile (SAM) while it was conducting a mission over Al-Jawf Governorate.

“A Tornado plane belonging to the aggression forces was shot down in the skies of Al-Jawf Governorate while carrying out hostile missions”, Al-Masirah report cited Armed Forces spokesman as saying.

According to Al-Masirah, multiple coalition airstrikes were conducted in the Houthi-controlled area where the Saudi aircraft went down. It added that the bombing raids left “dozens” of people dead or wounded.

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