Singapore Armed Forces Suspends Basic Military Training

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) suspended Basic Military Training (BMT) from April 7 in tandem with the nationwide COVID-19 circuit breaker period (CBP).

The suspension will continue until May 4.

With the increase in transmission of local cases, the SAF reviewed the impact of suspension and concluded that there would be little impact on operations as active units would be able to provide cover. The recruits would be able to complete their BMT after the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided.

Around 3,400 full-time National Servicemen recruits have been directed to strictly observe the national guidelines of the CBP while at home, and only to go out for essential activities. The recruits will be provided with home-based instructional material on basic skills and fitness development.

The BMT suspension period will count towards the recruits’ full-time National Service (NS), and their Operationally Ready Date will not be affected. The recruits will continue to be eligible for NS allowance and medical benefits during the BMT suspension.

Other SAF training schools which are needed to maintain SAF’s operational readiness, such as Officer Cadet School and Specialist Cadet School, will continue with the enhanced safety measures previously announced.

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