Singapore Armed Forces to Resume Basic Military Training

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will resume Basic Military Training (BMT) for two batches of recruits whose training was suspended during the circuit breaker period.

The resumption of BMT is necessary to generate operational units and select commanders for training at the Officer Cadet School and Specialist Cadet School.

About 6,300 recruits will be notified of their reporting dates which start on 26 May to mid-June 2020. The staggered reporting dates and venues will reduce congestion, and enable the implementation of safe distancing measures.

Strict health and safety measures are implemented during BMT to prevent COVID-19 infection. All recruits and instructors will undergo a health screening. Recruits or instructors who exhibit acute respiratory infection symptoms will immediately be separated from the rest and tested for COVID-19 infection. Existing precautionary measures, such as cohorting arrangements, twice-daily temperature taking and enhanced hygiene practices, will be enforced. The BMT programme will also be modified for recruits to be trained in smaller groups.

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