Slovak Armed Forces Take Delivery of Tatra Trucks

Slovak Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš handed over 9 TATRA trucks to service personnel during an official vehicle handover ceremony at the Supply Base Nemšová on August 9.

The trucks are intended for military units stationed in Hlohovec, Michalovce, Nemšová, Trebišov and Zemianske Kostoľany and will be used for executing tasks in the field of logistics and domestic crisis management.

Speaking at the ceremony, Defence Minister Peter Gajdoš said: “That we are trying to gradually improve the quality and efficiency of our soldiers’ everyday work can be seen in the concrete steps the MOD is taking towards this end. I trust the new vehicles that we have handed over to service personnel will meet the purpose for which they are intended.”

Tatrapan 8×8 Container Carrier (CC)
Slovak Armed Forces’ Tatrapan 8×8 Container Carrier (CC) truck.

General Secretary of the MOD’s Service Office Ján Hoľko made it clear that that all modernization programmes are being delivered in line with the Long-Term Defence Development Plan. “Only if we approach modernization conceptually will we attain the outcome in the form of self-sustainable armed forces that are fully capable of securing the defence of the Slovak Republic,” he said.

After expressing his appreciation for the steps the MOD is taking in the field of modernization, Commander of the SVK Army Maj Gen Jindřich Joch said: “To be ready to carry out the tasks of defending the State, we need not only combat vehicles but also transport vehicles that comply with ballistic protection standards and all NATO standards.” He underlined that the cutting-edge vehicles are intended not only for the training of our military units but especially for the defence of the Slovak Republic.

The procurement of the TATRA vehicles for the Slovak Armed Forces is being delivered under a 2015 MOD contract. This year SVK service members have received 9 TATRA vehicles in different modifications (hooklift truck, tractor unit for trailers, troop carrier, and fuel tanker). Another seven TATRAs in these modifications are expected to be delivered by the end of 2019.

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