Slovak soldiers begin training instructors of Iraqi Security Forces

The Slovak soldiers in Iraq have already begun training instructors of the Iraqi Security Forces in the field of demining.

Up to 25 participants are expected to go through the course. 15 members of the Slovak Armed Forces are currently involved in Iraq as part of the NATO Training and Capacity Building in Iraq (NTCB-I).

The ongoing manual demining course is being delivered by the Slovak contingent in the area of Bashmaya in Iraq. In the weeks to come, the contribution of the Slovak Republic will be extended by a further 10 soldiers in accordance with the valid mandate. They will be tasked with assisting the Iraqi Security Forces in conducting maintenance and repairs of Soviet-made military equipment.

The SVK Armed Forces has members serving in Iraq as part of NATO’s non-combat training activity, with the consent of the Republic of Iraq and under the conditions delineated by international agreements. This non-combat contribution is designed to help Iraq build its security forces to be capable of securing the stability of their country in the future.

Slovak Ministry of Defence

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