Slovakia to Cancel 4×4 Multirole Tactical Vehicle Procurement Program

The Government of Slovakia endorsed the Defence Minister’s proposal to cancel the 4×4 Multirole Tactical Vehicle procurement program on May 27, the country’s Ministry of Defense announced.

Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď was appreciative of the Government’s decision to scrap the 4×4 vehicle procurement program for the Slovak Armed Forces. He warned against a lack of transparency with respect to the procurement process in the past.

“The vehicles, as they were configured, do not meet the requirements of the Armed Forces. Moreover, nor was the process in terms of preparation brought to an end,” he emphasized. According to his words, there is no doubt soldiers need new equipment. Nevertheless, it must be procured transparently, systemically, and purposefully.

In 2019, the Slovak Ministry of Defence announced an international tender for the procurement of 4×4 multipurpose tactical vehicles for the armed forces. The original plan was to purchase 424 vehicles worth a maximum of 321 million euros.

In parallel to this, the government also approved the start of procurement for essential restoration and refurbishment of Kuchyňa Air Base. The Minister explained that the main reason for the refurbishment is the need to create enough parking stands for C-27J Spartan tactical airlifters and Let L-410 Turbolet transport aircraft.

“Apart from this, we will need to move aircraft from Sliač Air Base, which we must prepare for the arrival of F-16 fighter jets. Therefore, at Kuchyňa we will restore the airfield operational surfaces and adjust infrastructure to meet the current requirements. We plan to go ahead with the renovation this year already,” he said.

According to a Government-approved document, the refurbishment and extension of the existing operational aprons and the installation of the airfield drainage and lighting systems will be part of airfield works at Kuchyňa Air Base. The total costs associated with the design documentation for the construction permit procedure and the implementation of works are estimated at €5,042,118.66, VAT included.

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