Slovakia to Procure 17 3D Radars from Israel

The Slovak government, on Jan. 13, agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Defense to procure 17 3D radars under a government-to-government (G2G) deal with Israel.

The deal, worth approximately €150 million, will see the delivery of 17 mobile 3D radar systems manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

Slovakia has been trying to get functional, modern and reliable radars since 2010, but for various reasons this has never happened. I am therefore very pleased that the current government has succeeded – realistically, effectively and transparently. The protection of airspace is a key factor in ensuring our priority, ie the security of the country and our inhabitants,” said the Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď.

The new medium, small and close range mobile 3D radars from IAI will replace 24 older radars, all but one of which are out of technical life, and will will provide a continuous radar survey of air traffic control (ATC), a constant overview of the situation within the airspace of the Slovak Republic and NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (NATO IAMD).

Slovakia also received proposals from UK (€193 million) and France (€250 million) for the radar procurement program. Both these bids exceeded the estimated value of the contract, which was set at €155 million.

In addition to the lowest price and a fully satisfactory parameter, the analysis of the NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCI Agency), which identified it as the most advantageous solution in the field of systems integration into the NATO environment, was in favor of the Israeli offer. The same airspace monitoring system was also provided by the Czech Republic and, more recently, Hungary.

Following the selection, the Slovak Ministry of Defense will now begin negotiations with the representatives of the Israeli government to discuss the necessary conditions and further steps. In the event of an agreement and fulfillment of all conditions, the Minister was given a mandate to sign a procurement contract. In the event that no agreement can be reached by 31 March 2021, the Ministry of Defense will negotiate with the Government of the United Kingdom and subsequently, if necessary, with the Government of the French Republic.

The Israeli proposal, led by the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD)’s International Defense Cooperation Directorate (SIBAT) includes the transfer of technology and knowledge to Slovakia as well as industrial cooperation. The radar components will be manufactured in collaboration with defense industries in Slovakia, under the professional guidance of IAI and the Ministry of Defense.

Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz: “As I told the Slovak Minister of Defense during our discussion, Israel’s defense industry is at the forefront of global technology and development and produces excellent operational and military capabilities. I congratulate the employees of the Israel Ministry of Defense and IAI on another significant achievement, which reflects the excellent capabilities of Israel’s defense industry, as well as Israel’s strengthening relations and cooperation with NATO countries. Under my leadership, the defense establishment will continue to promote technology procurement and development agreements, which are part of the security concept of the State of Israel and are particularly important for Israeli resilience at this time due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SIBAT Director, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yair Kulas: “The Slovak government’s choice to equip its forces with Israeli radar systems is another significant step in strengthening defense relations between our countries. The choice is also indicative of the excellent capabilities of Israel’s defense industry, which provides advanced solutions to a vast range of ever-evolving threats. We thank our Slovakian partners and look forward to continuing exchanges of information and technology, further expanding our partnership.

IAI VP and CEO of ELTA, Yoav Turgeman: “We are honored to be the Slovakian government’s choice and to incorporate IAI’s MMR Radar into their air defense solution, and we thank the Israel Ministry of Defense for the cooperation. The MMR leverages state-of-the-art technologies to provide a dependable picture of the air and awareness of the situation at hand. Approximately 130 MMRs have been delivered to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, and are already operational in the United States and Canada, in addition to Israel. We are confident this is the best radar system to enable the Slovakian Air Force to confront a wide range of aerial threats and we look forward to further cooperation.

The flagship EL/M-2084 Multi Mission Radar (MMR) manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) subsidiary, ELTA Systems, is combat proven and has extensive operational experience in Israel and around the world. The radar detects airborne threats, classifies them, calculates their threat level and provides essential data that enables systems to neutralize multiple threats simultaneously.

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