Spain Appoints Indra as National Industrial Coordinator for European Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Program

The Spanish Government has appointed Indra as the national industrial coordinator of the European FCAS (Future Combat Air System) defense program, the largest joint European defense program to date and the most ambitious in terms of technological development.

FCAS is a critical program for Spain with regard to its sovereignty and technological and industrial development and the creation of highly-skilled employment.

Indra will perform this work together with the industrial leaders designated in turn by France and Germany (Dassault and Airbus respectively). Its selection constitutes recognition of its defense systems capabilities, its experience in international programs and its suitability for coordinating and acting as a driving force of Spanish industry.

Indra, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and within the framework of the industrial development plan associated with the program, will strive to ensure that Spanish industry participates as actively as possible in the latter and facilitate its access to opportunities for knowledge generation, business development, export capacity, the creation of technologies that can also be used in the civil field and high-value employment generation. The FCAS will generate high levels of knowledge and added value for Spanish companies and provide them with opportunities to develop exportable products beyond the program.

For Indra, its designation as the national coordinator represents a significant boost, as it enhances its credibility and increases its competitive capacity and its access to major international programs.

In addition, in the mid and long terms the top-level technological developments included in the program will strengthen its future capacity to develop the technologies it now heads throughout Spain and Europe, ensuring the maintenance of its leadership over the next 20 years. With the above it will increase its capacity to generate income through exports and its potential to attract and retain the very best human capital.

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