Spain Orders 348 VCR “Dragón” 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicles

The Spanish Ministry of Defense today awarded a €1.74 billion (USD $2.06 billion) contract to deliver 348 VCR Dragón 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicles to the Spanish Army.

The contract was awarded to a joint venture of General Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Bárbara Sistemas (GDELS-SBS), Indra Sistemas, Sapa Placencia, and Escribano Mechanical & Engineering. The GDELS-SBS contract is for €733 million (USD $870 million).

The 348 new vehicles are expected to be delivered to the Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) over a seven-year period. The contract also includes maintenance and life cycle support, as well as support their international commercialization. The Spanish program is expected to grow to a total of approximately 1,000 vehicles.

The VCR (Vehículos de Combate sobre Ruedas,“Wheeled Combat Vehicles”) vehicle, named “Dragón” by the Spanish Army, is based on the GDELS 8×8 PIRANHA 5’s combat wheeled vehicle and includes all Spanish national technologies as required by the Spanish MoD. It is expected to be delivered over a seven-year period.

“We sincerely thank the Spanish Ministry of Defense for its confidence in our vehicle platform, our engineering, and industrial capabilities,” said Juan Escriña, GDELS Vice President for Tracked Vehicles & Artillery and Managing Director of GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas. “As a reliable partner, GDELS-Santa Bárbara Sistemas is truly proud to help the Spanish Army protect Spanish soldiers and improve its strategic mobility with state-of-the-art 8×8 wheeled combat vehicles,” Escriña adds.

The GDELS-SBS joint venture (JV) will manufacture the 8×8 VCR at GDELS sites in Trubia and Seville, Spain, with the collaboration of the other Spanish JV members. The Spanish Ministry of Defense mandated a National Industrial plan in which Spanish industry participation must be no less than 70% of the total program. The JV was established to ensure that all operational objectives and needs of the Spanish Army and the Spanish Ministry of Defense are fully met and to fulfill the requirements of the government’s industrial plan.


The PIRANHA 5 is one of the most advanced and capable 8×8 wheeled armored vehicles and the top end of the PIRANHA vehicle family. In addition to its high level of protection, the PIRANHA 5 has a flexible and spacious crew compartment and significant payload capacity.

The vehicle’s inherent growth potential ensures the ability for future upgrades and technology insertion over the vehicle’s lifetime. In terms of mobility and maneuverability, the PIRANHA 5, with its efficient all-wheel drive, hydro-pneumatic suspension, and 4th axle steering, sets the top standard in this vehicle class.

The PIRANHA family of vehicles is the most successful wheeled armored vehicle family – more than 11,500 PIRANHAs are in service worldwide.

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