Spanish Air Force C-101 Aviojet Trainer Aircraft Crashes Into Sea Off La Manga, Pilot Killed

A CASA C-101 Aviojet advanced trainer aircraft, operated by the Spanish Air Force (Ejército del Aire), has crashed into the Mediterranean Sea around 4 kms off the coast of La Manga del Mar Menor, in Murcia on Aug. 26.

The incident occurred at 9:38 am and the only one on board the aircraft was an instructor pilot with the General Air Academy (Academia General del Aire, AGA), the Air Force said in a statement.

A later Air Force statement added that the pilot was killed in the crash and the deceased was identified by the local media as Commander Francisco Marín Nuñez .

According to the unconfirmed reports, the aircraft belonged to Patrulla Águila (Eagle Patrol), the aerobatic demonstration team of the Spanish Air Force.

The CASA C-101 Aviojet is a low-wing single engine jet-powered advanced trainer and light attack aircraft designed in response to a Spanish Air Force requirement in 1975 for a jet trainer to replace its aging fleet of Hispano HA-200s and Ha.220s.

The aircraft remains in service in the Spanish Air Force and some other countries; it is also flown by the Patrulla Aguila aerobatics team.

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