Sweden Deploys S102B Korpen Electronic Intelligence Aircraft to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus

Sweden has send one of its Gulfstream S102B Korpen electronic intelligence (ELINT) aircraft to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus to operate in the Mediterranean, Jane’s reported.

The aircraft landed at the UK Royal Air Force’s (RAF) base on April 29, the report added citing the open source monitoring of its ADS-B transponder.

The report had quoted a spokesman with Swedish Ministry of Defence, saying that “the aircraft is on a signal reconnaissance mission in international airspace over the Mediterranean Sea”. The spokesman reportedly declined to provide further details of the mission or its duration.

This is the second deployment of an S102B to the Mediterranean. A Korpen operated from Cyprus for just over a week in April–May 2018, according to the Jane’s report.

S102B Korpen is a heavily-modified Gulfstream IVSP business jet used by the Swedish Air Force (SwAF) to perform ELINT missions. These aircraft are equipped with sensors that are capable of collecting and analyzing enemy electronic emissions.

These aircraft have been in service with the Swedish Air Force since 1992, when they have replaced the two TP85s (modified Sud Aviation Caravelle airliners) that had been operated for 20 years since 1972. Korpens are normally assigned to 73 Signals Intelligence at Linköping in southern Sweden.

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