Swedish Navy Receives Submarine HSwMS Gotland After Comprehensive Mid-Life Upgrade

The Swedish Navy (Svenska marinen) received the submarine HSwMS Gotland after the comprehensive Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) on May 14, the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) announced.

The upgraded submarine was delivered to the Navy’s 1st Submarine Flotilla (Första ubåtsflottiljen, 1. ubflj) by Saab Kockums and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk, FMV).

“HMS Gotland is now the most modern, quietest and most efficient submarine in the Baltic and the North Sea,” said the Försvarsmakten statement.

HSwMS Gotland
The modified submarine HMS Gotland has now been delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces. Photo: Glen Pettersson / Saab.

HSwMS Gotland (HMS Gotland in Sweden) is the first of two submarines being upgraded with the mid-life modifications, which consist of upgrades of onboard systems and technology, sustaining the submarine’s operational capability to meet future naval challenges.

According to the Försvarsmakten, the second submarine, HSwMS Uppland, will soon be ready for delivery. The submarine was relaunched on June 19 last year following the completion of the MLU.

The upgrade process saw the replacement of many important systems, such as the Stirling Air Independent Propulsion (AIP), sensors, and communications systems, with updated versions. Traditional optical periscope was replaced with a new optronic mast for enhanced surveillance.

For the upgrade, the submarine was cut open in the mid-tank section for adding a new two-meter section including seawater cooling, freshwater cooling, and water chiller units.

More than 20 systems on-board the upgraded Gotland-class will be implemented in the new A26 submarine for Sweden. The Gotland MLU, therefore, contributes to the test and qualification of some of the innovative solutions to be implemented in the Swedish Navy’s future A26 submarines which are currently being built by Saab Kockums.

The first two A26 submarines will be named HSwMS Blekinge and HSwMS Skåne. The ship class will be known as the Blekinge class after the lead boat.

HSwMS Gotland Specs:

Length overall: 62 m
Beam: 6.2 m
Displacement: 1580 tons (surfaced)
Weapons: Torpedoes, bow tubes
Propulsion: Single-shaft, diesel-electric and Stirling AIP
Endurance: Weeks (submerged)
Hull: Single pressure hull, two pressure-tight compartments
Crew: 25

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