Telephonics Wins First Prize in U.S. Navy’s MUX AEW Payload Prize Challenge

Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation, announced that it has been awarded first place in the U.S. Navy’s Marine Air/Ground Task Force, Unmanned Aerial System, Expeditionary (MUX) Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Payload prize challenge with its submission of a MOSAIC Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) based radar.

The prize challenge was established as an innovative solution to deliver the MUX to the Marines sooner, while providing the best performance per dollar of investment.

MOSAIC is an innovative and advanced multi-function radar system, with a tile based design allowing for multiple independent radar apertures to be installed on the MUX aircraft. Each aperture is independently controlled and can perform multiple mode operations simultaneously through use of its true dual beam technology. MOSAIC completed more than 60 hours of flight time on fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft.

“The MOSAIC AESA radar system being named the first place winner marks a significant milestone and confirms the high level of innovation and performance achieved,” says Kevin McSweeney, President, Telephonics Corporation. “The MOSAIC represents the next evolution of radar technology under development by our engineering team and further demonstrates it is capable of meeting today’s demanding mission challenges and future requirements.”


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