Terma C-Guard decoy launchers selected for future Philippine Navy frigates

Terma has been selected by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to supply C-Guard decoy launchers for the future Philippine Navy frigates.

The Philippine Navy Frigate Acquisition Project (FAP) was awarded to HHI in October 2016 to build two 2,600 ton frigates,  derived from its HDF-3000 frigate design, for handing over starting in 2020.

The new naval vessels (hull numbers P159 and P160)  are expected to have enhanced survivability, seakeeping and manoeuvring capability and be operable in up to Sea State 5 and also have stealth characteristics.

The 107 meters vessels will be capable of conducting Anti-Air (AAW)/Surface (ASuW)/Submarine Warfare (ASW) as well as Electronic Warfare (EW) missions.

In order to protect these strategic assets, the Philippine Navy has mandated HHI to select the most adapted self-protection solution, combining proven technology, cost-effectiveness, small footprint, and high operational flexibility.

Terma’s C-Guard decoy launching system provide 360° coverage, and will effectively counter advanced threats like small range gate Radio Frequency (RF) missiles, imaging Infra-Red (IR) seekers missiles, and advanced next generation torpedoes.

With more than 200 systems in operation worldwide, Terma’s C-Guard is a well proven and a cost-effective solution offering unmatched operational availability.

The C-Guard system using SeaGnat or 130 mm NATO decoy rounds will provide protection against any type of threat, including Radio Frequency (RF), InfraRed (IR) and Imaging IR, Dual Seeker and Torpedo threats.

C-Guard relies on a proven mechanical launcher design without moving parts. It requires limited maintenance, thus guaranteeing high operational availability and low total cost of ownership.


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