Terma SCANTER 6000 Radar Chosen for Belgian-Dutch Minehunter Programme

Belgium Naval & Robotics selects Terma as the supplier of the SCANTER 6000 radar for the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies Mine Countermeasures replacement programme.

This new asset will give superior capabilities to the ships in terms of the detection and tracking of targets.

In January 2021, Terma, the Denmark based high-tech group, was contracted for the supply of 12 units of the SCANTER 6000 radar for the Belgian and Dutch replacement Mine Countermeasures (rMCM) programme. This radar will give a superior capability to the mine hunters as they secure total situational awareness. Indeed, this radar is able to detect and track small targets in all weather conditions. The first radar will be delivered in 2022.

Belgium Naval & Robotics – a Naval Group and ECA GROUP consortium – was awarded in 2019 a contract for twelve mine hunters and their drone systems for the Belgian and Royal Netherlands Navies. The programme will span over 10 years.

Six ships will be delivered to the Belgian Navy and six to the Royal Netherlands Navy with a first delivery scheduled for 2024. They will be equipped with complete drone systems supplied by ECA GROUP containing a total of more than eighty underwater, surface and aerial drones entirely dedicated to Mine Countermeasures operations.

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