Thai Defence Technology Institute Receives Upgraded BTR APC Equipped with Thales’ C5i System

The Thai Defence Technology Institute (DTI) received the first upgraded BTR-3CS Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) equipped with Thales’ C5i system.

Thales is providing increased capabilities to this first vehicle with fully integrated digital radio communications, vehicle and Battlefield Management capabilities, including VHF combat net radios, a Battle Management System (BMS) for tactical command and control.

The C5I (Computerised, Command, Control, Communications & Combat Information) system can provide a full vetronics capability to network the vehicle itself, including the potential for integration of new vehicle systems including sensors, alert systems, self-protection and vehicle diagnostics. These capabilities will take the Royal Thai Army’s battlefield digitisation to the next level, allowing detailed planning for command activities, tactical information dissemination and voice and data radio communications through one integrated system.

Working closely with local Thai partner Datagate Co. Ltd. to enact a transfer of capabilities and knowledge, this is the first step in the collaboration agreed under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between three parties (DTI, Datagate and Thales) in 2018, with the long-term goal of supporting communications and information systems upgrades for the Royal Thai Army’s fleet of armoured personnel carriers and developing local industrial expertise in Thailand through technology transfer.

“Thales supports the long-term ambitions of the Thai government to grow its capabilities in the digital domain, including moving the country to Thailand 4.0. This extends to enhancing the armed forces’ capabilities in the battlefield by equipping them with the high-end communications solutions needed to gain an edge. We continue to enable Thailand to deepen its expertise in digital defence through close partnership with local industry and continued training and transfer-of-technology.” Massimo MARINZI, Country Director, Thales in Thailand.


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