Thailand Signs Agreement to Procure Type 071E Landing Platform Dock from China

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and the Royal Thai Navy held the signing ceremony of the shipbuilding agreement on exporting Type 071E landing platform dock (LPD) in Beijing on Sept 9.

This is the first time export of an amphibious transport dock, or dock landing ship by China. Leaders from relevant state and military departments of both countries attended the signing ceremony.

Yang Jincheng, president of CSIC, said that CSIC and the Royal Thai Navy share a long history of cooperation and yield fruitful results from this cooperation.

The Type 071E is the export version of the Type 071 (NATO reporting name: Yuzhao-class) amphibious transport dock ships in service with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

The new vessel is reportedly “even more advanced in technology and more powerful in comprehensive performance than the PLA’s in-commission Type 071 integrated LPD”.

The Type 071 amphibious warfare ships feature a vehicle deck, well-deck, landing deck and a hangar. They can carry a combination of marines, vehicles, landing craft and helicopters. The vessels are armed with one 76 mm gun and four 30 mm close-in weapon systems.

The PLAN Type 071 may operate as the flagship of a task force, and can conduct and support humanitarian and disaster relief, and counterpiracy missions, in addition to amphibious assaults.

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