Thales Launches New PRC6809V VHF Combat Net Radio System

Thales has introduced a tactical VHF Combat Net Radio (CNR) variant to the AN/PRC-148 Multiband Inter-Intra Team Radio (MBITR) family of products, named PRC6809V.

The PRC6809V is a 5 watt VHF tactical radio system that operates in the 30-90 MHz range while supporting robust encryption and electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM).

It provides full interoperability with existing legacy MBITR radios and accessories. Combat proven, the radio has unprecedented reliability with mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 30,000 hours.

This latest MBITR variant joins Thales’ MBITR family, which has deployed 300,000 tactical radios worldwide. The MBITR family is combat tested and known for its dependability in the most challenging environments.

PRC6809V is manufactured in Thales’ Clarksburg, MD factory adhering to the same high standards as our industry-leading MBITR family of radios. The radio is exportable worldwide.

The radio weighs only 867.5 grams with the battery; is supported by latest battery technology, offering unmatched mission life; and seamlessly integrates with our existing cable-free jerk and run vehicle adapters, base stations and tactical repeaters.  The PRC6809V can be utilized with the full set of AN/PRC-148 system components for mounted and dismounted operations.

It provides warfighters with the necessary voice and data capabilities required by front line forces. The portable and easy to use PRC6809V is upgradeable to the full 30-512 MHz multiband capability.


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