Three NATO SNMCMG2 Ships Arrives in Burgas, Bulgaria

Three NATO ships currently conducting patrols in the Black Sea have arrived in Burgas, Bulgaria for a acheduled port visit, on Feb. 9, 2018.

The Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group Two (SNMCMG2) consists of Royal Navy Survey vessel, HMS Enterprise (H88), Turkish Navy mine hunter, TCG Akcay (M270) and Romanian Navy Minesweeper, ROS Lt. Lupu Dinescu (F-25). HMS Enterprise is the Flag Ship of the task group.

The task group, under the command of Royal Navy Commander Justin Hains, sailed from Constanta the week previously. The vessels will be in Burgas until Feb. 11.

The groups are conducting a routine port visit to Burgas as part of NATO’s increased presence in the Black Sea region to support national sovereignty through collective defense. Planned activities include courtesy calls with local civilian and naval authorities and interaction with Bulgarian Naval personnel.

Prior to the visit to Burgas, the group patrolled both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, conducting exercises and operations throughout the region. SNMCMG2 is one of four groups of ships which make up the maritime portion of the NATO Reaction Force and provide a crucial skillset to keep sea lanes and ports open in times of crisis. The groups take part in different multinational exercises and train with NATO Allies and partners to enhance interoperability and maintain warfighting skills.

NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM)

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