TKMS Hands Over Third Type 209 Submarine to Egyptian Navy

German submarine builder, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) officially handed over the third HDW Type 209/1400mod conventional attack submarine, S43 (867), to the Egyptian Navy on April 9, the company announced.

The handover took place in Kiel, Germany without a ceremony following the very strict corona prevention measures at the shipyard, with only the inner circle of project managers attending.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, stated: “Given the global corona pandemic, this handover marks a very special milestone for us. We are extremely proud of our employees, who completed the boat on time and in line with our comprehensive health protection measures. A big thank you for this. With tremendous care and discipline, something very special has been achieved! Our thanks also go to our customer, who has always put great trust in our capabilities!”

In a personal letter prior to the handover, Vice Admiral Ahmed Khaled Hassan Said, Chief of the Egyptian Navy, praised the high quality of the boat and the outstanding performance of the employees of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. He expressed his gratitude to all of them for ensuring the delivery on schedule. He added that this proves how strong and trustful both sides cooperate even in challenging times.

Egyptian Navy Type 209 SSK S43 (867)
Egyptian Navy flag being raised on the Navy’s third HDW Type 209/1400mod conventional attack submarine, S43 (867), during the handing over ceremony conducted at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems’ (TKMS) facility in Kiel, Germany on April 9, 2020. (TKMS Photo)

S43 (867) is the third of four HDW Type 209/1400mod submarines ordered by the Navy of the Arab Republic of Egypt from thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. The contract for the first two submarines was signed in 2011. In 2015, Egypt decided to take the option for two additional units.

The Type 209/1400 mod series submarines are claimed to be are extremely reliable, can stay submerged for a long time, are fast, and are hard to locate thanks to their low signatures. It is the latest version of the HDW Type 209 “family” with over 60 boats built or under contract.

The Egyptian Type 209/1400 submarines have eight 21-inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes and are able to carry and launch up to 14 missiles and torpedoes, in addition to deploying naval mines. They will be fitted with SeaHake mod 4 torpedoes and UGM-84L Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles (AShM).

The launch and naming of “S43” took place in May 2019. The first submarine, S41 (861), was delivered in December 2016 and the second, S42 (864), in August 2017. It is planned that the program will end with the handover of the fourth boat in 2021.

Key specification of Type 209/1400 mod class SSK:

• Length: approx. 62 m
• Diameter: approx. 6.2 m
• Displacement (surfaced): approx. 1,450 t
• Displacement (submerged): approx. 1,600 t
• Crew: 30

Egyptian Navy Type 209 SSK, S41 (861)
Egyptian Navy’s first HDW Type 209/1400mod conventional attack submarine (SSK), S41 (861). (Egyptian Ministry of Defense Photo)

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