Turkey-Backed Rebels Shoot Down Syrian Air Force Mi-17 Helicopter

A Mi-17 transport helicopter of Syria Arab Air Force was shot down by Turkey-backed rebel forces over Al-Nayrab in Syria’s Idlib province on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

All the occupants of the helicopter were killed in the incident.

The helicopter was downed south of Idlib city, where rebels supported by Turkish artillery were advancing near the town of Nairab to push back Russian-led forces, Reuters cited Abdulah al Shami, a commander in a coalition of mainstream rebel factions.

The video showing the Russian-made helicopter in flames before it breaks up and crashes into the ground.

The shooting down came a day after the death of five Turkish soldiers in a Syrian government attack prompting Ankara to retaliate with strikes on 115 government positions. According to the Turkish military, 101 of the targets had been destroyed, including three tanks, two artillery positions and one helicopter.

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