Turkey Conducts Test Firing of ATMACA Cruise Missile

Turkey has conducted a successful long-range test firing of its new ATMACA cruise missile, head of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) Ismail Demir said Saturday.

According to Demir, the missile successfully hit a target over 200 kilometers away and is now ready to enter the Turkish military’s weapons inventory.

ATMACA is a Turkish high precision, long range, surface-to-surface, precision strike anti-ship missile which can be integrated to patrol boats, frigates and corvettes.

The missile was developed by ROKETSAN. The Atmaca ASCM will enter service with the Turkish Navy by mid-2020. It will also replace the Turkish Navy’s Harpoon ASCM inventory.

Turkey ATMACA Cruise Missile
Launch of Turkey’s ATMACA anti-ship cruise missile. Screengrab from SSB video.

The ATMACA cruise missile will be deployed from Turkish Navy’s MILGEM Ada-class corvette and G-class frigates. On 3 November 2019, Turkish Naval Forces conducted its first ship-launched firing of the missile from the Ada-class corvette TCG Kınalıada in the Black Sea.

System Specifications

• Autonomous
• Low Radar Signature
• High Precision
• All Weather Operational Capability
• Resistant to Countermeasures
• Target Update, Re-Attack, Re-Target and Mission Abort Capability via Data Link
• 3D Mission Planning
• Super Sea Skimming
• Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW)

Technical Specifications

• Length: 4,800 – 5,200 mm
• Weight: <800 kg • Range: >200 km
• Guidance: Inertial Navigation System (INS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Barometric Altimeter, Radar Altimeter
• Warhead Type: High Explosive with Penetration
• Warhead Weight: 250 kg
• Seeker: Active RF

ATMACA missile
File image of ATMACA cruise missile launch.

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