Turkey Tests HGK-84 LAB Laser-Guided Bomb

Turkey has conducted a successful test of its indigenously-developed HGK-84 LAB laser-guided bomb (LGB), the country’s Ministry of National Defence announced.

HGK (Hassas Güdüm Kiti, “Precision Guidance Kit”) is a GPS/INS guidance kit developed by Turkish company TÜBİTAK-SAGE that converts existing unguided bombs – from 227 kg (500 pounds) to 907 kg (2000-lb) Mark 84 bombs – into smart bombs with precision strike capability. The HGK-84 is the variant with a 2000 lb Mk-84 general-purpose bomb.

The HGK-84 LAB/LHGK-84 (Lazer Arayıcı Başlık, “Laser Seeker Head”) also includes a laser guidance system and can be used against both fixed and mobile targets.

HGK-84 LAB Specs:

+ Can work in all weather conditions
+ Certified for F-16 PO-III and F-4E / 2020 aircraft
+ 12 knots range when dropped from mid-altitude
+ 15 knots range when dropped from high altitude
+ Can be used against fixed and moving targets

A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet equipped with LHGK-84 (HGK-84 LAB) laser-guided bomb (LGB). Photo by TÜBİTAK-SAGE.

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