Turkey’s Aselsan Concludes Design Phase of EIRS Portable Early Warning Radar System

Turkish defence company, Aselsan has concluded the design phase of the new EIRS portable early warning radar system, the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) announced.

EIRS (Erken İhbar Radar Sistemlerinin, Early Warning Radar Systems), is a new generation S-Band radar developed for long range early warning, with its AESA and digital beamforming antenna architecture. EIRS has the ability to detect and track air breathing targets, ballistic missiles, anti-radiation missiles (ARM) and stealth/low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets from very long ranges.

AESA and Digital Beamfoming architecture together with Multi Channel Receivers allows to produce simultaneous beams in space paving the way for multi-function and multi-mission operations. EIRS uses weather information to optimize its detection and tracking performance.

EIRS is a highly mobile standalone system with its radar, command control (C2)/communication and power systems on trucks  without mounting/demounting operations for deployment and marchorder. The radar can be mounted on a 10-ton class Tactical Wheeled Vehicles (TWV) and are air transportable by  C-130 Super Hercules/A400M Atlas tactical airlifters.

EIRS can be connected to radar networks and can exchange 3D air picture among different EIRS systems and the Air Force command centers through radios, radio links and army backbone through AWCIES (ACCS Wide Common Information Exchange Standard) messaging.

EIRS can perform data fusion and track handover amongst themselves, which is a critical feature especially for ballistic missile defense (BMD). A long-range Mode 5 IFF (Identification friend or foe) interrogator is integrated with a high gain IFF antenna to cooperate with radar’s operational modes. EIRS AESA arhitecture and modular design approach support the concepts of high availability and low cost maintenance. EIRS, has several Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) features such as frequency / time agility, low side lobe levels, jammer strobe and nulling, side lobe blanking, to name a few.

The system has a deployment and march-order time of 30 minutes. The  mean time between critical failure (MTBCF) of the system is 3000 hours and the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) is 30 minutes.

Aselsan EIRS Early Warning Radar System
Aselsan EIRS Early Warning Radar System

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