Turkish Navy Conducts Operational Readiness Training in Aegean, Mediterranean Seas

Turkish Navy has conducted operational readiness training in Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea between June 9 and 12, the Ministry of National Defence announced.

The exercise included principal naval warfare and amphibious warfare training, and saw the participation of 32 warships, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) and navy helicopters.

During the training, live torpedo and gun firings were conducted by the participating warships and submarines.

“Turkish Navy maintains her Operational Readiness at maximum level to fulfill all missions to be given without being effected by the pandemic”, said the statement from Ministry of National Defense (Millî Savunma Bakanlığı, MSB).

Turkish Navy exercise
Turkish Navy has conducted Operational Readiness Trainings in Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea between 09-12 Jun 2020. Photo Credit: Turkish Ministry of National Defense.

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