U.S. Adjusts Support to ARA San Juan Search Operations

The United States had begun to draw down operations assisting the search for the Argentine submarine A.R.A. San Juan in the South Atlantic on Dec. 27, after completing its support to requests by the government of Argentina.

The United States actively joined the Argentina-led international search efforts within 24 hours of learning of the missing submarine on November 17. At its height, U.S. contributions to the search and rescue effort included three advanced aircraft, over 200 search and rescue personnel, four submersibles, one specialized underwater rescue unit, one ship, and more than 400 sonar buoys dropped in support of the operation.

Additionally, the United States provided the most advanced sonar system in the world, which was mounted on Argentine search vessels. U.S. planning and analytical specialists supported the efforts through data analysis; an effort that will continue.

The U.S. support team completed all searches in areas assigned by the Argentine Navy, sweeping each area twice with advanced sensors. Despite their best efforts on behalf of the Argentine people and the families of the missing sailors, this international effort has yet to locate the ARA San Juan.

“On behalf of the people of the United States, we offer our respects to the families of the crew of A.R.A. San Juan and the people of Argentina,” said Rear Adm. Daniel B. Abel, director of operations, US Southern Command.

The armed forces of the United States and Argentina enjoy very close ties and a longstanding partnership. They routinely work collaboratively in support of bilateral and multinational security.

CDR Erik Reynolds/ U.S. Southern Command

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