U.S. Air Force Halts Taking Delivery of Boeing KC-46 Tanker Aircraft

The U.S. Air Force has stopped accepting deliveries of Boeing KC-46 Pegasus tanker aircraft after finding foreign object debris (FOD) in some closed compartments of the aircraft, the service said on Tuesday.

“Our inspectors identified additional foreign object debris and areas where Boeing did not meet quality standards,” U.S. Air Force spokesperson Captain Hope Cronin said.

The decision to halt acceptance of the planes was made on March 23, the Air Force said, adding that the problem was not with the aircraft itself but with the process in place for building it.

“We are currently conducting additional company and customer inspections of the jets and have implemented preventative action plans,” Boeing said in a statement. “We have also incorporated additional training, more rigorous clean-as-you-go practices and FOD awareness days across the company to stress the importance and urgency of this issue.”

This is the second time this year the Air Force is halting KC-46 delivery. In February, deliveries of the aircraft were halted because of the same FOD issue in one of the aircraft. Deliveries resumed in March after Boeing ramped up the inspection process.

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