U.S. Coast Guard Accepts Eighth Missionized HC-130J Super Hercules Long Range Surveillance Aircraft

The U.S. Coast Guard accepted its eighth Minotaur Mission System Suite-missionized HC-130J Super Hercules long range surveillance aircraft, Feb. 2.

Integration was completed at L3 Technologies Inc. Integrated Systems Platform Integration Division in Waco, Texas.

The aircraft was originally delivered to the Coast Guard in its baseline configuration in 2017. CGNR 2011 was outfitted with Minotaur software as well as Coast Guard-specific integrated radar, sensors and communication systems in a process called missionization, after which the aircraft was redesignated an HC-130J.

Minotaur is a government owned and operated mission system architecture that integrates imagery and data from multiple aircraft sensor streams, allowing operators to track targets and transmit information to other platforms and units. L3 Technologies Inc. Integrated Systems Platform Integration Division in Waco, Texas, has been incorporating Minotaur into both new and existing Coast Guard HC-130J aircraft under a five-year contract.

The Coast Guard currently has 15 HC-130J aircraft in either operational use or active production. In addition to continued Minotaur missionization efforts on new aircraft, the service has plans to do a block upgrade for all its HC-130J aircraft.

The Coast Guard’s fleet of HC-130Js is the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) largest airlift asset, providing critical support to DHS partners as well as carrying out many Coast Guard missions, including search and rescue, drug and migrant interdiction, cargo and personnel transport, and maritime stewardship. The aircraft is capable of serving as an on-scene command and control platform or as a surveillance platform with the means to detect, classify and identify objects and share that information with operational forces.

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