U.S. Coast Guard Cutter USCGC Thetis Returns to Homeport After 65-Day Patrol

The U.S. Coast Guard Famous-class medium endurance cutter USCGC Thetis (WMEC-910) and crew returned to Key West in Florida on May 14 after a 65-day Caribbean Sea patrol in support of Coast Guard 7th District.

The cutter Thetis worked with Coast Guard cutters USCGC Spencer (WMEC-905), USCGC Resolute (WMEC-620), USCGC Raymond Evans (WPC-1110), USCGC Kathleen Moore (WPC-110), USCGC Richard Etheridge (WPC-1102), and Coast Guard Air Station Miami.

The cutter Thetis crew was part of an increased Coast Guard presence along the north coast of Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic to prevent a surge of illegal immigration and human smuggling that could be fueled by COVID-19. Employing an Air Station Miami MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew, the Thetis crew deterred vessels from attempting an illegal exodus.

The cutter Thetis crew responded to two search and rescue cases and acted as on-scene commander in the search for a man reported missing off the Motor Tanker Jialong Spirit over 200 miles north of Dominican Republic. The cutter Thetis crew also assisted in the successful evacuation of a crew member with a medical emergency off the Motor Tanker Maersk Batam over 100 miles southwest of Puerto Rico.

The cutter Thetis crew also conducted training with Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrews to qualify pilots for shipboard operations in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season and with U.S. Army MH-6 Little Bird helicopter aircrews from the Special Operations Aviation Training Battalion in Jacksonville, Fla.

Named for the famous Greek mythology sea nymph and mother of Achilles, the Thetis is a 270-foot Famous-class cutter with a crew of 100 and is homeported in the Conch Republic. She is the 10th ship of the Famous Class cutters and the 3rd vessel to bear the name

USCGC Thetis (WMEC-910)
File photo of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Famous-class medium endurance cutter, USCGC Thetis (WMEC-910). (USCG Photo by Chief Petty Officer Bill Mesta)

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