U.S. Coast Guard Engages Industry on Boat Acquisitions

The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boat Acquisition program engaged industry at the 2019 International WorkBoat Show Dec. 6, 2019, providing information about upcoming acquisitions and areas of emphasis the program office will be examining in the coming year.

Program staff provided information on tentative acquisition timelines as well as the three requests for information released November 2019, in support of the future over the horizon V cutter boat, the long range interceptor III cutter boat and the trailerable aids to navigation boat programs.

U.S. Coast Guard Boat Acquisition Program

The Coast Guard boat acquisition program includes six active projects in two major categories, cutter boats and response boats.

Under cutter boats, the Coast Guard is actively acquiring long range interceptor generation II (LRI-III), over the horizon (CB-OTH) generations IV and V, and the cutter boat-large (CB-L). Active projects under response boats are the response boat-small (RB-S) generation II, and the service life extension program for the motor life boat (MLB). Currently, there are no active aids to navigation boat acquisitions.

The Coast Guard’s fleet of boats supports a range of Coast Guard missions, directly contributing to eight of the 11 statutory Coast Guard missions, including drug interdiction; living marine resources; migrant interdiction; defense readiness; search and rescue; other law enforcement; aids to navigation; and ports, waterways, and coastal security.

In fiscal year 2018, the Coast Guard’s fleet of response boats, aids to navigation boats, cutter boats and special purpose craft was responsible for 44% of all Coast Guard resource hours, 65% of search and rescue missions, 71% of lives saved, 76% of property saved and 80% of maritime law enforcement boardings.

Strategic investments in boat recapitalization expand the service’s mission readiness.

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