U.S. Coast Guard Releases RFI for Over the Horizon V (OTH-V) Cutter Boat Acquisition

The U.S. Coast Guard released a request for information (RFI), on Dec. 7, to gather information in preparation for the Over the Horizon V (OTH-V) cutter boat acquisition.

The planned vessel is a standard configuration boat up to 26 feet long, which is capable of performing missions that require projection of Coast Guard capabilities beyond the parent cutter. It will operate in day and night; in a spectrum of climates, weather conditions and sea states.

The anticipated scope of the contract is near 200 boats delivered over a 10-year-period. The RFI is available here. The deadline to submit responses is Dec. 14 at 12 p.m. EST.

The Coast Guard requires around 200 OTH-Vs to be delivered between June 2021 and June 2029. The OTH-V will act as the primary cutter boat for major Coast Guard cutters including:

● National Security Cutter (NSC), 2 each – Stern Launch, Single Point Davit, Dual Point Davit
● Fast Response Cutter (FRC), 1 each – Stern Launch
● Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC), 2 or 3 each – Dual Point Davit
● Polar Security Cutter (PSC), 2 each (anticipated) – Dual Point Davit (anticipated)
● Legacy Medium Endurance Cutters (WMEC), 1 each – Dual Point Davit

Preliminary OTH-V Specifications:

● Length: 26 feet (maximum extreme dimensions)
● Beam: 9.0 feet (maximum extreme dimensions)
● Weight: ~7500 lbs (full fuel, no personnel)
● Comms: HF, UHF, VHF, DSC, AIS
● Navigation: Scalable Integrated Navigation System-2 with radar
● Seating: Shock Mitigating for five, designated for eight additional
● Stability: ISO 12217-1
● Structure: ISO 12215-5
● Propulsion: Diesel Engine with Waterjet propulsion
● Top Speed: 40 knots
● Range: 200 NM (with 10% fuel reserve)
● Interface: Dual Point Davit, Single Point Davit with Sling, Stern Notch

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