U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Harry S. Truman Conducts Ammunition On-Load with Fast Combat Support Ship USNS Supply

The U.S. Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) conducted an ammunition on-load with the Supply-class fast combat support ship USNS Supply (T-AOE 6) June 10.

Safety is paramount when conducting ammunition on-loads like this one to bring aboard required ordnance.

“The safety of our Sailors and equipment involved are high-priority during this evolution,” said Lt. Cmdr. Alexa Sandifer, Harry S. Truman’s ordnance handling officer. “There are four things that make our ammunition on-load a safe and effective evolution: qualified personnel, proper maintenance of equipment, a well-developed management plan to increase efficiency and effectiveness, and an accurate inventory.”

Leadership from across the ranks is needed during this high-risk time to ensure everything goes seamlessly.

“The leadership of our officers, chief petty officers and leading petty officers are key for ammunition on-loads by keeping our junior Sailors motivated and safe during this long and intense evolution,” said Sandifer.

In addition to the key leadership, ammunition on-loads also require a high degree of coordination and teamwork among many different Sailors across the ship to ensure a safe, efficient and effective evolution.

“Although the ammunition on-load is mainly a weapons department evolution, it is also an all-hands effort,” said Sandifer. “Without their help, our ammo on-load would not be possible.”

According to Sandifer this ammunition on-load ensures Harry S. Truman is ready for tasking, ready to execute any mission, and ready to satisfy the commander’s intent.

Harry S. Truman is conducting sustainment operations in the Atlantic to gain proficiency in tactics, conduct crew training and increase lethality.

Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Scott Swofford, USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75)

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