U.S. Navy Awards Contracts for Next-Generation Dual Band Towed Decoy

The U.S. Navy has awarded contracts to BAE Systems and Raytheon in October for the development and demonstration a next-generation, dual band towed decoy.

The contracts, valued at $36.7 million and $33 million respectively, will help determine the best fit to meet F/A-18E/F decoy requirements through a 27-month development and demonstration phase.

The Advanced Tactical Aircraft Protection Systems Program (PMA-272) based in Patuxent River will carry out testing and demonstrations of the next-generation dual band towed decoy capability on F/A-18E/F.

Decoys enable pilots to execute missions in highly contested airspace and protect the warfighter by luring threat missiles away from the aircraft. These next-generation dual band decoys will build upon current decoy technologies to defeat the threats of tomorrow.

BAE Systems currently builds the ALE-55 Fiber-Optic Towed Decoy currently deployed on the F/A-18E/F aircraft. Raytheon currently builds the ALE-50 decoy system deployed on F/A-18E/F aircraft.

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