U.S. Navy Installs First ODIN Counter-UAS Laser Weapon System on Destroyer USS Dewey

The U.S. Navy recently installed the first Optical Dazzling Interdictor, Navy (ODIN) counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) laser weapon system on the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey (DDG 105).

The first system was installed on USS Dewey during her recently completed Dry-Docking Selected Restricted Availability (SRA).

ODIN’s development, testing and production was done by Navy subject matter experts at Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren Division in support of Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS). Their work on the laser weapon system known as LaWS, positioned them to be designated as the design and production agent for ODIN.

Going from an approved idea to installation in two and a half years, ODIN’s install on Dewey will be the first operational employment of the stand-alone system that functions as a dazzler. The system allows the Navy to rapidly deploy an important, new capability to the Navy’s surface force in combating UAS threats.

During his recent visit on USS Dewey, Mr. James F. Geurts, assistant secretary of the Navy for research development and acquisition (ASN (RDA)) was impressed with the rapid progress made by the team. Geurts stated, “This is a great example of our organic talent at the warfare centers all working together with ship’s company to deliver a system which will provide game-changing capability. Bravo Zulu to the entire ODIN team on being mission-focused and delivering lethal capability to the warfighter.”

Within the next couple of years, the ODIN program will have all units operational within the fleet providing a safer and more technically advanced capability to the U.S. Navy. Lessons learned from ODIN’s installation on Dewey will inform installation on future vessels and further development and implementation of Surface Navy Laser Weapon Systems.

Earlier, USS Dewey was used for the temporary installation of the Navy’s Laser Weapon System (LaWS). The LaWS is a technology demonstrator built by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) from commercial fiber solid-state lasers, utilizing combination methods developed at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).

LaWS can be directed onto targets from the radar track obtained from a MK 15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon system (CIWS) or other targeting sources. This capability provides Navy ships a method to easily defeat small boat threats and aerial targets.

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