U.S. Navy Names Constellation-Class Frigate FFG 64 as USS Chesapeake

The U.S. Secretary of the Navy Kenneth J. Braithwaite announced that the U.S. Navy’s third FFG(X) Constellation-class frigate will be named the USS Chesapeake (FFG 64).

Braithwaite detailed the announcement, Jan. 8, during a visit to one of the Navy’s first heavy frigates and oldest commissioned ship afloat – USS Constitution.

The future Constellation-class frigate USS Chesapeake (FFG 64) will be named for one of the first six Navy frigates authorized by the Naval Act of 1794. The first USS Chesapeake served with honor against the Barbary Pirates in the early 1800. Following an at-sea battle with HMS Shannon in 1813, the ship was captured by the Royal Navy and commissioned her HMS Chesapeake. Braithwaite recently travelled to England where he retrieved a piece of the original frigate from the Chesapeake Mill in Hampshire.

“Like Constitution and Constellation, the first Chesapeake was a mighty sailing ship that declared our nation a maritime power,” said Braithwaite. “The new USS Chesapeake, FFG-64, will proudly carry on the legacy of that name into the new era of great power competition.”

Last year, Braithwaite named future Constellation-class frigates USS Constellation (FFG 62) and USS Congress (FFG 63) to honor the first six heavy frigates.

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