U.S. Navy Reserve Sailors deployed for Argentine submarine search

U.S. Navy Reserve officers and Sailors from Navy Reserve Undersea Rescue Command and Navy Reserve Undersea Rescue Command Headquarters recently deployed on short notice orders in support of a United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) led submarine rescue mission.

Leveraging their expertise in numerous areas, the Sailors were divided into two teams to support the mission and join in the search for the Argentine Navy submarine A.R.A, San Juan, lost in South Atlantic waters.

Thirty-six reservists have moved forward for assignment underway on the supply vessel Skandi Patagonia, while six remained in San Diego where they will coordinate and stand by to provide relief.

An additional six Reserve officers and Sailors will be reporting to Commander, Submarine Forces Atlantic (COMSUBLANT) to support Commander Task Force 46. These sailors will provide watchstanding support to better enable coordination and reporting.

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) directed the deployment of this equipment and personnel to Argentina to support the country’s request for international assistance aimed at locating the missing submarine and crew.

SOUTHCOM is one of the nation’s six geographically-focused unified commands with responsibility for U.S. military operations in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

 Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command

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